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Our Signature Reflection Massage incorporates Swedish style strokes and accompanying aromatherapy to enhance this relaxing experience. Getting an aromatherapy massage is an excellent way to treat a variety of health conditions, including insomnia, fatigue, and poor blood circulation.

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What is an aromatherapy massage? This type of treatment incorporates the use of essential oils into a massage. When a licensed therapist performs aromatherapy massage services, the essential oils used increase the benefits of the massage. Essential oils are derived from plants that contain healing properties. If you are feeling tense and stressed, aromatherapy is the perfect massage for you. 

Depending on the goals of your aromatherapy massage, the therapist will select essential oils based on your specific health goals.  Along with massage therapy, the chosen essential oil blend is designed to provide you with positive effects on the mind and body.. Once the correct blend has been chosen, the essential oils will be diffused to create a calming effect as well as incorporated into the massage oil to ensure you receive the maximum benefit. The massage therapist  will carefully apply pressure to relieve tension in the muscles, promote healthy blood circulation, and achieve other desired results.

60 Min. $125.00 / 90 Min. $175.00

Aromatherapy massage - this type of treatment incorporates the use of essential oils into a massage

Health Benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage

At Mount Royal Spa, we offer a range of aromatherapy massage spa services. The benefits of aromatherapy massage therapy are numerous. It may:

  • relieve muscle tension
  • improve sleep quality
  • ease muscle pain
  • stimulate digestion
  • soothe headaches
  • reduce stress and anxiety

An aromatherapy massage may improve blood circulation, may encourage release of toxins, and may help speed up recovery time from certain illnesses or injuries. During a massage skin circulation increases helping essential oils to absorb into the skin and may increase their benefits. Aromatherapy massage benefits may also help to reduce inflammation in your body.

Where Can I Find Aromatherapy Massage Near Me?

Put an end to your search for “aromatherapy massage near me.” You have come to the right place. If you want to get a relaxing aromatherapy massage in Frisco, CO, then book an appointment by calling 970-368-6407.

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Choose a Spa Enhancement to add to your Massage
Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage
Using ancient reflexology techniques and applying acupressure to the hands and feet to target specific areas of the body and may assist in treating ailments. (Service is provided during scheduled massage-no extra time required)
Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural essential oils. This enhancement to any of our massages adds a blend of specially imported essential oils, to create a full healing effect. (Service is provided during scheduled massage-no extra time required)
Shea Butter Treatment*
Shea butter helps to moisturize, improve elasticity and boosts collagen production in your skin. Try our Shea Butter add-on for those who need extra hydration for their body, great for irritated and dry skin often associated with our high altitude. (Service is provided during scheduled massage-no extra time required)
Mt Royal Foot Soak*
Tired feet? Rejuvenate in a mixture of imported oils and salts beginning 15 minutes prior to or after your scheduled massage. Enjoy a soothing foot soak 15' before or right after your massage with our special combination of soothing oils.
Hand & Foot Reflexology with Shea Butter*
Using ancient reflexology techniques and applying acupressure to the hands and feet to target specific areas of the body and may assist in treating ailments. We use Shea Butter to enhance the soothing and moisturizing effects of this extended service. (Add-on of 15 minutes additional minutes to scheduled massage)
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment*
Great for extra hydration for your hair; as well as helping to create a profound sense of relaxation. Enjoy this relaxing head and scalp treatment with a blend of oil tailored to stimulating your scalp to promote healthy growth. A hot oil application is utilized to enhance your relaxing experience. Available to add-on to any spa service. (Add-on of 15 minutes additional minutes to scheduled massage)
Oxygen Treatment
Oxygen can be helpful to those experiencing High Altitude Symptoms or feeling lethargic and groggy or just for a simple boost of energy.
CBD Treatment*
CBD massage is a highly rewarding experience for both body and mind. The Mount Royal Spa staff in Frisco, CO is trained to provide a premium massage experience.
Scalp Treatment*
Great for extra hydration for your hair; as well as helping to create a profound sense of relaxation. Enjoy this relaxing head and scalp treatment with a blend of oil tailored to stimulating your scalp to promote healthy growth. Available to enhance any spa service. (Service is provided during scheduled massage-no extra time required)
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Our Favorite Reviews
Sherri B.
My therapist was an awesome masseuse! Would recommend her for any massage - she gave me a excellent deep tissue massage and helped work out some sore area from a long hike and skiing.
Scott B.
Wonderful overall massage. Relaxation room is a slice of heaven. Therapist is professional. Perfect place to relax.
Sandra C.
My therapist gave a wonderful massage!
Ellie M.
My husband and I had an amazing experience at Mt. Royal Spa! hands down the best massages we have ever had after a week of hiking! The space was so relaxing and honestly gorgeous as well! All of the staff was friendly and answered all of our questions.
Christy C.
This is just an amazing hidden gem! Look no further. Book today you will not regret it. I had amazing massage. Space is beautiful.
Douglas C.
Beyond great - My therapist was EXCEPTIONAL. Wish we could fly her to NJ so I can get another one. Facility is clean and high end. Make sure you add the O2, CBD, and Shea butter add-ons. Will be sure to revisit when we return to Frisco in the summer!!!
Acadia S.
Quinn G.
My husband and and I had the most amazing massages today. We feel so relaxed and the back pain I went in with is now gone!!!! Thank you so much! Anne and Quinn
Joshua B.
My therapist was fantastic! She was great and really dug into my back and muscles.
Becky P.
My therapist was amazing at what she does, and I can't wait for the next time I get to have another massage from her! Thank you for an incredible experience!
Alyssa K.
What a lovely and relaxing experience! I had a 90 minute massage and my therapist was wonderful. I had not had a massage in months due to covid and my back was a wreck. She worked out every kink and left me feeling like a new human. I highly recommend her if you are...
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Jennifer L.
My therapists were amazing! I was the most relaxed I've been in ages!!
Chris T.
Excellent - was just a perfect deep tissue massage. Had a shoulder injury earlier in the week and My therapist was a professional and I was extremely pleased with the whole experience.
Irby M.
Absolutely the most thorough massage I have ever received. We were treated like family and they were very responsive to our needs. Highly recommend.
Shannon J.
Amazing massage and calming seating area!! I wish I could have another one tomorrow. It was just what I needed to get the relaxation I was looking for.
Bonnie S.
Rose loves to give a great massage! Great skills!
Hannah B.
My therapist was very Intuitive with what my body needed. The pressure was perfect and adjusted with areas that needed more attention. I travel about once a year to Frisco area for vacation and definitely will make this a priority every time from here on out!
Grant H.
Simply amazing. Thank you!
Katy R.
Amazing experience. Felt comfortable during covid.
Beth T
Beautiful spa and the spa manager, was a top-notch therapist! Kind, incredibly relaxing, knowledgeable and customized to your needs.
Lauren H.
Professional, clean, attentive! Takes all COVID precautions! Felt safe the entire time.
Eileen B.
This spa has great therapists! Got the kinks out!
Lynn L.
My therapist, who was also the spa manager, was very good and the place couldn’t have been more charming!
Aaron I.
My therapist did a fantastic job! Very relaxing, therapeutic, and easy to talk to. Thanks again!
Lori L.
Such an amazing therapist!! I would highly recommend a massage with her.
Sara O.
Had my first massage here and it was spectacular. Will definitely be returning!
Marianne G.
My therapist was amazing! He really worked my messed up areas & took his time working all my muscle groups. The CBD oil felt great & really soaked into my skin. He also gave me suggestions for exercises to help decrease my sciatic pain. The spa is very pretty &...
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Betty A.
Wonderful Relaxation Massage. A very professional spa.
Ana B.
Great relaxing atmosphere! The scene was phenomenal and I felt like I was in the best place I ever wanted to be. Great for meditation and also great just to get away from the world! You have to give it a try, best massage I ever had.
David D.
If you hike, bike, run, ski, cycle or otherwise move your body in Summit County, you owe yourself a massage with Ann at the Mt. Royal Spa at the Frisco Inn on Galena. My therapist was one of the most knowledgeable and skillful certified massage therapists I've ever...
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Danielle C.
Hidden gem in Frisco. Ask for the spa manager. She was amazing. However, all of the therapists are great so you can't go wrong!
Pascale R.
She was Phenomenal! Will be driving 90 minutes for her massages!
Danny P.
Excellent experience, great atmosphere and massage.
Nicole S.
I get a lot of massages and the hot stone was hands down one of the best massages I’ve ever had! I was so impressed! Very relaxing, yet addressed areas I needed. I would highly recommend!
Kristin D.
Fantastic massage in a peaceful setting.
Bonnie S.
Rose loves to give a massage! Great skills!
Lili R.
Absolutely amazing! I will be coming back to see her again!
Emily S.
Great atmosphere and massage! :)
Kelly P.
My therapist was awesome! Best massage I’ve ever had!
Sherry G.
I had the Himalayan salt stone massage and it was amazing. One of the best massages I’ve ever had. The spa was nice as well. I would definitely recommend it.
Dawn P.
My therapist was wonderful. Deep massage with the right amount of pressure. She is friendly and engaging.
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