What to Wear to a Massage? How to Dress for Comfort and Stress Relief

Wondering what to wear to your next massage session? If this is your first time, what to wear to a massage depends on your personal preference. However, various facial spa and massage services encourage visitors (both men and women/couples) to wear something that is simple to put on and take off. Still confused about what do you wear to a massage? Keep your worries aside as we introduce you to some massage clothing etiquette.

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Guide to Massage Clothing Types 

When it comes to massage sessions, clients always come with questions like 'what do you wear for a full body massage?' Since it is your massage, the therapist will probably advise you to undress to your comfort level. 

Fully Clothed

It is quite doable to get a massage while being completely dressed. For example, you can go for special massage clothing provided by the staff. However, even while the therapist can still massage your body while you’re wearing various massage therapy outfits, you risk not receiving the same level of thoroughness you would get if your therapist addressed all the muscles from beginning to finish. Nevertheless, remember that this is your decision, so communicate your preferences for a comfortable session.

Partially Clothed

Many individuals believe that removing only the top layer of clothing strikes the perfect balance between exposing somebody and maintaining modesty. Thus, if dressing partly for a massage session sounds comfortable, go for it. However, remember that if you still choose to cover the area that needs the most pressure, it could hinder the overall experience. As discussed in the beginning, what to wear during a massage is all about personal preference, meaning you have complete control.


If you want your massage therapist to be able to give you long, unbroken strokes, then going topless is your best bet. A massage in underwear is a perfectly acceptable option. Note that even if you choose to receive a massage with no clothes on, your massage therapist will, as with any other type of massage, keep your private areas covered by the sheets at all times. Simply put, only the area of your body being worked on will be undraped during the session. 

Massage Tips to Follow for a Great Experience (Dos and Don’ts)

Whether you are a seasoned pro at getting massages or have never had one before, it is essential to remember that every massage therapist is unique, and the goals and expectations of each therapist might vary substantially. Here's a rundown of some tips on massage etiquettes, or do's and don'ts, as we say, to follow for a great massage experience.

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Do Wear Comfortable Clothes

If you've never had a massage session before, you probably have questions like, when getting a massage, what do you wear?  As discussed at various stages in this article, massage attire is all about personal preference; wear what makes you feel comfortable. It is best to communicate your concerns with the massage therapist right at the beginning of the session to avoid any awkward moments.

Do Shower Before the Session

When it comes to sports massage, many people get them immediately after working out, participating in a training session, or competing in a sporting event. In some cases, massage therapists don't mind if the client arrives at the table sweating; however, personal hygiene is something that every therapist values highly, which is why you must shower before the session. Instead of worrying about what to wear to a sports massage, you should focus on keeping yourself clean and smelling fresh.

Don't Worry About Yourself 

Massage therapists are muscle masters, and muscles come in different forms and sizes. When administering therapy, therapists focus on the body on an anatomical level; they're not concerned with the outer appearance since the massages are directed at improving internal health. Thus, when going for a massage, don't worry about yourself (both hair and preparations like suntan or perfume).

Don't Be Afraid To Speak to Your Massage Therapist

Whether you prefer a deeper or lighter pressure, if the room temperature is too hot or too cold, if the position in which you are laying is unpleasant, if there is a particular technique that you do not like, or if you have to use the restroom in the middle of your massage - don't be afraid to speak up. The therapy is centered on you, the client, and you can ask as many questions as you want to. Your massage therapist will also know what to wear to massage a man, so if you’re being massaged by a female therapist, you won’t have to worry about any awkward situations. Also, you can call in advance and simply ask, “This is my first massage: what to wear? I’m not sure”, and your therapist will discuss the best option with you.

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Now That You Know How to Dress for a Massage, Book a Session

You now know the answer to the question “what do you wear for a massage at a spa?”, so what’s next? It's time to book a well-deserving session. At Mount Royal Spa, we're on a mission to create a unique feeling of freedom and relaxation from everyday stress. 

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