Massage Myths

There are many people who refuse to acknowledge the benefits from massage therapy and that’s likely due to a bad experience or rumor.  There have been many casual claims that a massage elevates endorphins, increases circulation, boosts immunity and can lower cortisol (the steroid hormone that has been linked to fat retention). They sound appealing and believable. Are these myths? Truthfully, there isn’t enough research to substantiate these claims.  However, focus on the good research of massage therapy that support that a massage treatment can lower stress and anxiety, relieve muscle soreness and exhaustion, provide benefits for a variety of health conditions (Diabetes, Kidney disease, Cancer, Edema, Neuropathy to name a few) and increase a sense of well-being.  A reputable massage therapist will ask critical questions about your health and conditions to provide a treatment that is designed to achieve the outcome you want. So, stop listening to others and find out for yourself by booking an appointment at Mt Royal Spa.