Cold Stone Massage Therapy

When you hear of stone massage, you might immediately think of hot stone massage. But did you know that cold stone massage, like hot stone massage, is an effective way to promote relaxation and revitalize the mind and body? An alternative method involves using cold stones and hot stones during a massage session together, called contrast therapy, to create a dynamic, invigorating experience. Used by themselves or in conjunction with hot stones, cold stones create a distinct, refreshing experience and promote healing in several ways.

We now feature cold basalt stone therapy as one of our enhancements!

Who benefits from cold stone therapy?

Certain people are naturally “hotter” and might prefer cooler things to feel more comfortable. These are people who prefer cold drinks or cooler weather. A cold stone massage is perfect for the coolness and invigoration that they seek. Athletes who have sustained injuries can also benefit from a cold stone massage. Cold constricts the blood vessels in the body and which alleviates swelling. It promotes healing and reduces pain in the injured muscles and tissues. Those who experience sinus pain or inflammation are good candidates for cold stones, too.  The cold temperatures in the stones reduce nasal swelling and sinus inflammation. Cold stone massages are not recommended for clients who suffer from heart ailments, have easily inflamed skin, have kidney problems, and are sensitive to cold temperatures.