All CBD lotions are not alike

CBD is derived from the C. Sativa Hemp plant which is different than the C. Sativa Cannabis plant. It is not uncommon to see multiple brands of the same CBD product.  Some people say they have tried CBD because of is anti-inflammation properties but didn’t see any improvement and that’s likely due to the way the product was processed and the amount of CBD in the product.  We have taken the need for you to do your own research by doing our own.  We endorse and use exclusively Pachamama CBD products in our spa because they do not process their CBD with butane or other contaminants that could be absorbed into the body. We like that they use all natural ingredients to blend to help the skin’s natural lipid barrier to balance moisture and block toxins. We like that they have balanced just the right amount of dosing of CBD while being completely THC free to aid in the reduction of inflammation and promote much needed neuroprotection.  Our therapists are always happy to consult with you about adding a CBD treatment to your massage or ordering it directly from us.  Please consult with a professional to be sure that you do not have any contraindications before using this product.